THE LORE OF LOG — Episode 3

League of Guardians
3 min readSep 14, 2022

#3 — Raza: The Origin

Once upon a time, a high ranking Mahaguru of Campus received a bad prophecy about the incoming invasion from The Ether by a mysterious creature who wants to attack and conquer The Medial. It will destroy all the existing order in the middle world. Then, the Mahaguru gathered 10 of his best graduates from various majors at Castellum, a secret castle still affiliated with the Campus. They were appointed as supreme guardians who act not only as protectors but also maintain the harmony that exists in The Medial.

All the guardians were given special knowledge about everything related to metaphysics by the Mahaguru to prepare them to deal with multiform of enemies from different realms. Before they all returned to their respective homes, they had also prepared with several scenarios that might occur if the mysterious creature appeared out of nowhere. That is why the Mahaguru miraculously injected telepathic abilities to all guardians for the medium of communication and coordination.

Raza, one of the guardians — the brightest and most ambitious of all — interested in all the information the Mahaguru provided more than anyone. He went to the library and learned all the knowledge that a mortal like Raza shouldn’t understand everything. He wanted more power and authority to control The Medial, therefore, he thought of teaming up with the mysterious creature from Ether to become the strongest. He found the ancient calendar of Uruk Was and found an interesting prophecy about the arrival of a giant fireball that will enter The Medial unnoticed by everyone which ends up creating a huge mess on an unprecedented scale. Raza was very curious about that phenomenon.

The day has come. There was a huge meteor strike rushing towards Medial unnoticed by the 9 guardians. The meteor ended up falling in one of the remote areas of the middle world without being handled by any guardians. The meteor contains strong dark energy from another dimension and solar system. Something inside wants to try to get out and roam around to create chaos. Unfortunately, the thick layer of gas from the Medial atmosphere created a huge friction that impacts the meteor and everything in it burns badly. Need to be helped by someone who has great power in order to get out of the meteor, Raza found out about the falling meteor, wanted to increase his power in order to rule the Medial. He arrives as quickly as humanly possible at the place where the meteor had fallen. With his wizardry, the evil power in the meteor is successfully opened. The dark energy comes out and started to talk with Raza in its own language. Raza who has studied the universal language of Astraswasda hopes that the creature can understand what he is talking about. The creature responded by speaking Astraswasda as well. After a few chats back and forth, it magically enters Raza’s body to fuse with his own energy to become the most powerful mortal in The Medial.

While Raza is preparing everything to unleash his evil mission, the Mahaguru receives a new dark aura signal in The Medial. He calls all the guardians to go to where the energy source came from — before it’s too late. All 9 guardians respond back except Raza. The Mahaguru suspects that the newly emerged evil power comes from Raza who defected and cooperates secretly with the mysterious creature to ease The Medial’s conquest.

Raza indiscriminately attacks the countryside and cities where many mortals live. The influence of the evil aura of the creatures within him has made him a true ruler of darkness. Now he doesn’t care about human life anymore, all he cares about is defeating Medial to be completely ruled by Ether.



League of Guardians

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