THE LORE OF LOG — Episode 2

#2 — Campus: Birthplace of the Ancestral Guardians

Once upon a time there was the world’s first higher education institution located near the Black Sea called Campus. In the 9th century, Campus was celebrating its glory because it was successfully inhabited by all nations from all over The Medial. This high education institution was a place to learn many disciplines, ranging from religion, philosophy, science, art, military, marine, medicine, agriculture, trade, engineering, mining, to magic. The noble vision and mission behind the establishment of the Campus was to educate various types of mortals regardless of their origin, level of wealth, gender, and social status. Therefore, admission to this Campus was free. The main requirement to have a spot in Campus was to have a natural talent that matches the available majors on the Campus.

In terms of area, the Campus had a very large area as an educational institution. It had several important buildings that soar high in the architectural style of the Byzantine era for learning and teaching. The area around its outskirts contains dormitory buildings where students live while in school. There were many supporting facilities from the school for fun activities for students to stay active that make them feel at home, such as sports fields, swimming pool, farm, market, auditorium, music hall, botanical garden, and art museum.

In the second year of school, all students must pass the fraternity stone test to determine if he or she fits into a particular fraternity club. Each fraternity stone club has its own uniqueness according to the characteristics of students. There were Vuolxa, Mesgate, Rubanoc, Saphaza, and Jadamon. Vuolxa is for those who are ambitious, passionate and courageous. Mesgate is for those who are determined, committed and focused. Rubanoc is for the smart, innovative and sharp. Saphaza is for those who are wise, integrity, and loyal. And lastly, Jadamon is for those who are calm, patient, and humorous.

It’s hoped that all the basic knowledge obtained from The Campus can be used to build and enrich the student’s place of origin so that they become useful mortal in the society where they come from. Because the school had the main goal to not only produce the best graduates, but also to create “protector” by the Campus to maintain the harmony of the middle world from any potential harm from the Ether, Nether, or from the Medial itself. And one of the basic knowledge that must be followed and applied was to learn martial arts that combines those created by coaches and also with internal energy from within the students themselves.

In today’s modern times, The Campus is actually still standing, but due to the upheaval and growth of other educational institutions, Campus has chosen to keep it closed from the crowd — only accepting the descendants of its alumni from generation to generation.



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