THE LORE OF LOG — Episode 1

#1 — The Realms

Since the beginning of time, there have been three realms inhabited by many beings: Ether, Medial, and Nether. The Ether is the most mysterious realm of the three because of its immeasurable void and vastness. Some said that The Ether contains dark and magical creatures who are always ready to devour Medial whenever the right opportunity comes. The Medial is the realm where mortal beings live and adapt which continues to evolve until today. This middle realm is the most beautiful nature to live in because there are beautiful living creatures milling about. Whereas The Nether is a realm inhabited by terrible and disgusting creatures which is a place for mortal beings from the middle realm who have died and decayed. The three are separated by strong layers of gas and crust so that they do not cross over to destroy each other.

Since the birth of the universe, there have been some powerful and mysterious evil beings from The Ether who have the ambition to conquer the harmony of The Medial. They want to take all the unique resources and intelligence of the mortals in Medial realm as new energy essences to combine with the ones they already had. Many ways have been done, therefore there are always meteors trying to hit and enter Medial every day. However, the thick gas layers from Medial always managed to keep them from entering and destroying the harmony of The Medial civilizations. Because the inside of the meteors are usually filled with mysterious dark energy that is ready to be released and destroy everything around it.

Meanwhile, The Medial is the center of culture and sophistication. It has continued to evolve from primitive age to the age of advanced technology as it is today which enriches the civilizations that stretch across the horizon. Medial is the most heterogeneous realm in which all kinds of mortal beings such as humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, and also metaphysical creatures roam and live. They all interact with each other directly and indirectly on a daily basis — whether they realize it or not. However, due to the continuous evolution in this world, the supreme power is constantly up for grabs by those who wish to rule over a particular country, region, or even the whole world to take control of its natural resources as well as the people within. As a result, there have been many inhumane coups and bloodsheds that have gone down in history. Therefore, it is necessary to have a group or organization that is neutral and has the ability to maintain balance and harmony.

The Nether is a cold dark place that is home to the dead, wandering spirits, and disgusting creatures. Rather than the realm of civilization, it is more of a provincialism that contains a horrific emptiness that is formed from all kinds of sins of the dead who are frightened, angry and regretful. Sometimes if mortals get lucky, appalling screams can be heard as far as The Medial in a blind night. The crust in between the two realms formed as a shield to protect it from any potential terror that harms the inhabitants of Medial. However, some say the Nether contains an unknown great power that is said to be possessed by an immortal demon that guards the underworld of the Nether.



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