LOG PROJECT: Vision and Mission

Through LOG, we want to change the term community into society, from interaction to become a destination, from connecting to contributing. And finally, a shared world that must be kept in balance.

League of Guardians is a long-standing dream and vision project to build something we passion about, and we put it at the very front of an intersection between the two things we are so obsessed with: epic fantasy and science fiction. Together, with strong-willed community members to contribute, we want to empower them to be part of our revolutionary journey.

League of Guardians is a Web3 project, started in an NFT space that creates a new IP development and 360 degrees of ecosystem that will produce new forms of artwork through the expansion of its lore and characters — powered by the spirit of the creative-arts movement. All of them are a testament to our passion and care for our beloved community.

Starting with League of Guardians, RLVNT Art Labs aspires to be Marvel in the Web3 space.

The battle between good and evil never ends. Therefore, we need your full support as LOG Legion. Along with the 9 Supreme Guardians, we want you to engage and fight together with us, side by side. We are here to preserve the world, ensuring the world is protected from calamities and also securing all virtues for generations to come.



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League of Guardians

League of Guardians


The project focuses on the NFT collectible category which is inspired by fantasy and sci-fi worlds and powered by the arts-creative movement.