Web3 is a creator economy. This is our playground as creators who want to build something to captivate everyone who sees and learns about it. When we founded the League of Guardians project earlier this year, we knew we wanted to create something so immersive and comprehensive for the community to experience and see 360 degrees of the LOG Universe. This journey unfolded automatically when we decided to develop lore and characters to establish our intellectual property — and we are also very fortunate to be collaborating with such leading players in the creative industry. For example, Wanara Studio has done many creative projects for companies and institutions. The studio has also developed their own comic project a few years ago. Meanwhile, Ario Anindito is a professional comic artist who contributed some of the biggest comic brands such as Marvel, DC, and Boom! Studio.

Wanara Studio will support us in developing the visuals for LOG Comics, while Ario Anindito will support us in contributing cover art for each issue.

In terms of the continuous evolution of our artwork in this LOG project, we will start it in digital avatar or NFT format. After that, we wanted to include the story to combine with the visuals so that the community would understand how far we would go into the new art form. Therefore, this LOG Comics idea makes sense for us to seriously developed and become an important phase in our Dream Path. FYI, LOG Comics will be developed after we sell our first NFT collection.

Starting with League of Guardians, RLVNT Art Labs aspires to be Marvel in the Web3 space.

LOG Comics will be the red thread of this project, so this must continue as long as we remember.



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League of Guardians

League of Guardians


The project focuses on the NFT collectible category which is inspired by fantasy and sci-fi worlds and powered by the arts-creative movement.