League of Guardians
11 min readMay 15, 2023

Hail Legions!

The battle between good and evil never ends. Therefore, we need your full support as LOG Legion. Along with the 9 Supreme Guardians, we want you to engage and fight together with us, shoulder to shoulder. We are here to preserve the world, protecting it from calamities and preserving its virtues for future generations.

Now, let us walk you through the LOG Project Brief.


The Backstory

In pursuit of our passion and with a desire to connect with others, we embarked on a mission to create something that would resonate with a lot of people to be a reason for them to join. This led to the birth of the League of Guardians IP project. A project built in the Web3 space that transcends mere community and evolves into a thriving society.

It’s not just about interaction; it’s about destination. It’s not just about connecting; it’s about contributing. It’s a shared world that relies on balance.

Together with community members who are strong-willed to contribute to it, we want to empower them to be part of our revolutionary journey.

The Foundation

Our debut global-scale IP: League of Guardians, is fueled by our passion for arts, fantasy, and sci-fi

League of Guardians is a Web3 project that originated in the NFT space as a PFP category. Our goal is to create a new IP development and a comprehensive 360-degree ecosystem that expands its lore and characters, inspired by the creative arts movement.

LOG is brought to you by RLVNT Art Labs, a Web3 startup with a vision to establish a decentralized blockchain powerhouse. League of Guardians is their flagship IP. Having secured pre-seed funding in 2022, RLVNT Art Labs is now seeking additional investment during the LOG post-mint phase to fuel their next wave of innovation. Notably, some prominent VCs have had in-depth discussions with founders.

In addition, we proudly collaborate with Ario Anindito, a renowned comic artist known for his work with Marvel, DC, and Boom! Studios. He will bring our Guardian characters more to life with his signature touch on weapons and headpieces to the Web3 space.


The Vision & The Depth

Our plans go beyond NFTs. We want to build a lasting LOG IP, brand, and ecosystem that blends together two worlds seamlessly. We’re committed to crafting NFT projects that immerse you in a world of 9 Guardians. Discover their regions, weapons, spirit animals, academic disciplines, jobs, animal guides, abilities, and foes as we unveil their backstories piece by piece.

Owning an LOG avatar is more than just a symbol of your love for arts, fantasy, and sci-fi. It’s an invitation to join a community of emerging artists, musicians, creators, and engineers to co-create a world where reality and virtuality converge.

As a holder, you’ll enjoy exclusive privileges, collaborations, and content — all made possible by our shared passion.

Our project’s vision has enticed multiple Web2 brands to join us in creating high-value works of art through partnership and collaboration. We’ll reveal all when the moment is perfect.

The Dream Path (Roadmap)

From concept to creation, our meticulously crafted dream path will guide you through exciting milestones that will elevate your NFT experience to new heights. Let’s dive into the deets below!


The Supreme Guardians are summoned to balance the world by collecting its artwork. The characteristics of 9 guardians are inspired by the powerful imagination of both fantasy and sci-fi worlds with distinctive looks, and programmatically generate over a thousand special visual trait combinations.


The best way to enjoy LOG IP’s exclusive content is through LOG Interactive Comics. Designed exclusively for LOG holders, it offers immersive storytelling, stunning visuals, and captivating motion.


The battle never stops! It’s time to build up your Guardian characters by equipping them with more amazing armor and weapons. Combine your 2 distinct guardian NFTs to transfigure a new, more powerful one with enhanced skills and attributes.


An LOG game would be a great way to experience the entire LOG universe, filled with excitement and intensity.

Hint: You’ll use your favorite badass character along with their skills and attributes to complete the missions.


A state-of-the-art trading hub integrated with LOG Game. It will be exclusive to holders for trading in-game utilities, skins, boosts, and such through the marketplace.


6,666 LOG Avatars

Join the never-ending battle of good vs evil as part of the LOG Legion! 6,666 Legions will unite with the Supreme Guardians to defend Universum from the dark ruler. Through programmatically generated digital avatars, you’ll embody the 9 base characters with distinct traits, including elements, faces, bodies, weapons, and accessories, creating over a thousand visually dynamic combinations.

The Supreme Guardians

  1. Liem — Guardian of Mekong River

⚔️Weapon: Mái Chèo Paddle

Liem is a daughter from the Mekong Delta, who is shaped by the dark history of her nation passed down through generations.

One day, she met a fortune teller who told her about the greatness of her ancestor as a guardian. Suddenly, misty smoke appeared, and her ancestor spoke through the fortune teller, revealing Liem’s responsibility as the next guardian to protect the Mekong and its surroundings. The ancestor also mentioned a sacred weapon, the Mái Chèo Paddle, which Liem could find on a branch of the Mekong River.

2. Xænder — Guardian of The Europe

⚔️Weapon: Skeggøx Ax

Xænder is a king of Viking descent in Western Europe who managed to build his kingdom and country to a level of prosperity and wealth.

As the heir to the kingdom, he was given the Skeggøx handed down by the previous kings. The rare metal in the ax head which was discovered accidentally by the miners is one of the strongest metals ever to exist on earth that came from the depths of European soil 9 centuries ago. Since then, that royal sacred weapon can only be mastered and controlled by the lineage of its kings. However, he not only wants to just master the weapon, but also wants to be the best king who masters the sacred Skeggøx.

3. Qatalana — Guardian of The Blue Ridge Forest

⚔️Weapon: Gatlida Archery

Qatalana, a Native American from the Cherokee tribe, inhabited a secluded cabin in the Blue Ridge Forest near the Appalachians Mountains.

Her late father taught her to master the Gatlida, a Cherokee archery weapon for self-defense and hunting. With her intelligence, she combined advanced technology and metaphysics from Cherokee culture to create her own Gatlida, becoming a master of archery with lightning-fast accuracy. She keeps her abilities a secret to prevent them from being used by dangerous individuals or organizations for evil purposes.

4. Jameer — Guardian of The Arabian Peninsula

⚔️Weapon: Scimitar Saber

Jameer is the crown prince of his tribe who controls a large area of land in the most strategic part of the hot Arabian plains with abundant oil reserves.

His uncle, a martial arts teacher, told him a story about their ancestor who was a supreme guardian, so there is a possibility that Jameer is the next successor as a guardian in this modern age. To prepare for this, his uncle gave him the Scimitar sword, which has been passed down to the younger generations of his tribe’s successors.

Jameer practices his swordsmanship every day to become the best sword master in the world.

5. Kamaka — Guardian of Pacific Ocean

⚔️Weapon: Taiaha Staff

Kamaka is a free-spirited surfer of the Pacific Ocean who feels a strong connection to the South Island, where he grew up.

Despite not knowing much about his ancestors due to a tribal war that wiped out his family’s tribe, he feels a calling to be a protector and has mastered martial arts to help those in need.

One day, while surfing, a large wave crashed down on him, causing him to faint and sink to the bottom of the ocean. In the final seconds before his death, a spirit figure appeared and awakened him, unlocking his guardian power.

In a moment of great power, a magical Taiaha staff swiftly appeared from the ocean for him to grasp. Since then, he has never looked back.

6. Nyanama — Guardian of Andes Mountains

⚔️Weapon: Warak’a Slingshot

Nyanama, a proud heir to the rich heritage of the Inca Empire, is a Peruvian woman from the Andean mountains. As a mountain farmer, she uses Warak’a slingshot to repel wild animals and has mastered traditional martial arts to protect her goods and livestock.

Her bravery and skills have made her a local hero and an icon of change in the Andean region, preserving and passing on the culture to future generations.

Several years ago, while searching for firewood on a hill, she discovered the lost city of the Inca Empire. This experience sparked a spiritual awakening that led her to realize her mandate to protect the Andes Mountains.

7. Daksh — Guardian of Indian Ocean

⚔️Weapon: Chakkar Disc

Daksh, from a wealthy Indian family, became a Western medicine doctor and traveled across India to help marginalized people.

On a visit to a remote island, he learned about traditional Indian medicine from a Guru. He stayed on the island for six months to study the use of various potions and spells, as well as traditional South Indian martial arts and the ancient meditation practice known as Tantra.

During a period of intense self-contemplation on a sacred hill, Daksh experienced a spiritual awakening. At the end of his teaching, the Guru gave him a Chakkar disc as a keepsake and a weapon.

8. Okazhang — Guardian of Ryukyu Islands

⚔️Weapon: Twin Sai

Okazhang is a man from the Ryukyu Islands. His family, one of the most respected clans in Okinawa Prefecture, taught him Karate from a young age, emphasizing not only the physical movements but also the philosophy behind the martial art.

Eventually, his martial arts training expanded to include a variety of weapons, with his favorite being the twin Sai. As he grew older, his late father revealed the existence of a sacred weapon kept in a remote location on Ryukyu Island. This weapon would one day be Okazhang’s legacy to retrieve as the next guardian, ensuring peace in East Asia and the world.

Okazhang believes that he will know the right time to find and retrieve the relic holy weapon based on a prophecy he feels in his heart. Until then, he continued to perfect his martial arts skills.

9. Yawara — Guardian of The Africa

⚔️Weapon: Guduma Hammer

Yawara, an orphan from a Nigerian village, escaped from an orphanage at age nine due to bullying. He survived by fighting street thugs and later became a punisher who eradicated crime throughout Africa.

Yawara studied mechanical engineering and developed advanced technological tools. He created weapons that he could use for short and long-range combat, including a Guduma hammer for his right hand and a missile launcher attached to his left hand.

Additionally, he invented state-of-the-art machinery that enables humans to gain maximum strength to fight any enemy, including robots.

LOG Original Soundtrack: Fight for Victory

There’s nothing better than a soundtrack with powerful rhythms and verses to depict the universe of LOG.

LOG Team: People Behind the Project

KeBi — The Strategic Guy & Main Creator

With the perfect blend of creativity and marketing, KeBi brings 10+ years of experience as a creativist in fields like creative agency, digital marketing agency, and new retail startups. During his free time, he enjoys playing PC games. KeBi takes charge of the strategic, marketing, and creative areas for the project.

DON — The Production Guy & Main Creator

Recognized as a branding expert, DON boasts 15+ years of experience. His track record of supporting numerous global hospitality brands has been impeccable. When he’s not busy cooking for LOG, he stays in shape through his love for running and daily gym sessions. DON leads the project’s production, design, and operations.

San_h0l0 — Financial Guy

The finance and crypto trader — and a Star Wars aficionado. With a background in global financial and banking services, he’s the missing piece that completes the puzzle for the LOG team. San_h0lo adeptly handles finance, human resources, and operations for the project.

Morpheus — Community Manager

Morpheus is a vision straight out of a dream, but don’t let his dreamy demeanor fool you. Bursting with creative ideas, Morpheus is passionate about bringing people together and having our community buzzing with activity in no time. With experience in crypto exchanges and IP-based NFT projects, he adds valuable expertise to our project. With him by our side, we are ready to aping together for the next bull run.

OrpheusKaze — Collaboration Manager

As our Collab Manager, OrpheuzKaze excels in marketing, partnerships, and collaborations. Having been a part of the Collab team for several years across various projects, he deeply values the connections and new friendships formed through Web3. In addition, he’s a passionate DOTA player with 7K playtime. IRL, he’s an IT Consultant, primarily focusing on social media and content.

Cypherp0nk — Moderator & Discord Administrator

Just like his name, Cypherp0nk believes that cryptography is a key to a better private and decentralized technology. He got lucky by buying Doge in 2019 and has been actively supporting NFT Artists on both Ethereum and Tezos since 2020. Now, he’s back for the next bull run.

ChienZhang — Moderator

Chien, a dog lover and TikTok influencer with 340k followers, is fully doxxed and passionate about spreading positivity. With two years of experience as a Web3 Event Organizer, he’s the ultimate vibes bringer to our community.

Ola — Social Media & Copywriter

With years of experience in SEO and content writing, Ola found her calling in Web3 in early 2022. Currently crafting behind several great projects, she’s dedicated to delivering messages in a seamless, concise, and engaging manner.

Shanwave — Music Producer, Composer & Audio Engineer

Shanwave’s musicality brings fresh nuances to the LOG project. His passion for music production, film scoring, SFX, and mixing has earned him recognition in numerous prominent film and commercial productions. We specifically enlisted his talents to produce our music soundtracks and SFX in LOG Interactive Comics.

Coxx — Art Director

Coxx is someone you can rely on when it comes to creativity. His up-to-date knowledge and great taste in art effortlessly enhance our project. Coxx has been in the creative industry since graduating from university. Currently, he takes charge of the art and creative content for the project.

NoQi — Digital Asset Generator & Graphic Designer

NoQi is a multi-talented designer with many years of experience handling diverse creative projects. Quiet but full of fun, NoQi is your go-to person for engaging discussions about games and anime. Currently, NoQi leads production, assets, and design for our project.

Through LOG, we strive to build an enduring legacy that goes beyond the mere concept of NFTs. Our aim is to create an interconnected world where creativity meets technology, providing an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts and fans alike.

The battle never stops. Let’s fight alongside our 9 Guardians and restore future harmony!



League of Guardians

The project focuses on the NFT collectible category which is inspired by fantasy and sci-fi worlds and powered by the arts-creative movement.