When we started the LOG project in April 2022, the market dropped drastically. Everything changes. The kind of ultra-hype marketing gameplay it was last year, where projects gained exponential growth in just a few weeks of their public appearance in terms of their Twitter followers and Discord member counts is irrelevant today. We have to adapt to the new gameplay, although Web3 is still the same with two most important components, decentralization and community.

There is a new meta that can be used in the current market conditions. Starting with building a community, and then after getting an organic community, a project will launch their PFP collection in the next phase. We look our brand identity and our core competencies, so we decided to invite creators and builders from various domains, platforms, and disciplines to appreciate them as fellow creative industry players and also invite them to be part of the LOG ecosystem by creating a prequel collection called Creator Access. It’s an NFT pass for emerging and established creators to join an exclusive creator community, initiated by LOG project. We want the Web3 space as the best collaborative space for the best creators to support each other as one big community. And the great thing about this — it’s free mint!

To broaden the target, we are not only targeting established creators & builders, we’re also open the opportunity to all creative minds in different stage of his/her professional career. These are the potentials domains, disciplines and platforms players from Web2 and Web3 space that can help us to reach the bigger audience for LOG:

  1. Art & Creative Studio
  2. Media
  3. Community
  4. Gaming Community (Players & Builders)
  5. Tinkerers & Hacktivists
  6. Gaming Partner
  7. Launchpad
  8. Dev/Creators Community
  9. Key Opinion Leader

There will be 88 NFTs for the exclusive creator community to empower and bring together creators from around the world to build integrated interactive experiences around the LOG ecosystem. Through Creator Access NFT collection, LOG will grant access the chosen creators to the prepared utilities: an exclusive creator network community to gather and collab, attractive funds from LOG fund treasury for creators to create their own art-creative projects, contribute to LOG future projects and roadmap, investor access for Web2 and Web3 startups, mentorship program for new emerging creators from established creators, honorary NFT for the holders, and other mutual benefits for the entities involved.

We’re officially opening up potential candidates to join Creators Access. The schedule for minting is in mid-November. LOG will create a dedicated channel on LOG Discord for selected creators who hold NFT. After that, LOG will prepare the next stage, which is the collection of LOG characters as we have prepared before, at the end of November. We hope the creators will support the LOG project and vice versa.




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League of Guardians

League of Guardians


The project focuses on the NFT collectible category which is inspired by fantasy and sci-fi worlds and powered by the arts-creative movement.