When we had the idea to develop LOG as a Web3 project, we wanted to be perceived as a global project, not just a local project from Indonesia. This is the privilege of all of us at Web3 because there are no boundaries in this new world, no walls separating one another. It emitted a new inspiration for us to develop a story that exhibits various characters from different regions from across the globe.

One of the purposes behind the creation of the nine guardian characters from nine different regions of the world is to show that there are many rich cultures that we all may have never known and learned about. And the nine regions are spread over six continents: Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America. For more details, let’s explain which character region we choose: Southeast Asia — Liem Character from Vietnam, South Asia- Daksh Character from India, East Asia — Okazhang Character from Japan, Middle East — Jameer Character from Saudi Arabia, Oceania — Kamaka characters from New Zealand, West Africa — Yawara from Nigeria, Central Europe — Xænder from Germany, Western South America — Nyanama from Peru, and Eastern North America — Qatalana from the United States.

These regions were not chosen by accidental. We are trying to build a global community for LOG to expand into those regions and countries when the light has appeared in the horizon. It is our dream to see the LOG flags wave proudly so that more people can experience together without being separated by distance and differences. Through the shared spirit of LOG, we can all unite as one big community so that we can forge a new culture and shape a new future together, side by side.

We hope that through this LOG project — its lore, characters, artwork, Dream Path, and such can resonate many young people to appreciate what we have done so that they can become our OG and supporters from the beginning of the LOG journey. With the help of technological advances in the Web3 revolution, we will be able to gather the global LOG community both digitally and physically.



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League of Guardians

League of Guardians


The project focuses on the NFT collectible category which is inspired by fantasy and sci-fi worlds and powered by the arts-creative movement.